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  2AGIECUT Progress 2 Wirecut E.D.M. with IPG Anti-Electrolysis Generator.  
        X : 13.8  Y : 9.8  Z : 10.0

  1AGIECUT Challenge 2 Wirecut E.D.M. with HSS-C Anti-Electrolysis Generator.  
        X : 13.8  Y : 9.8  Z : 10.0

  1OKUMA MB-46VAE C.N.C Die Mold Machining Center. 
        X : 32.0  Y : 18.11  Z : 18.11

  1OKUMA Genos M460-VE C.N.C Die Mold Machining Center.  
        X : 32.0  Y : 18.11  Z : 18.11

  2Hardinge GX 1000 OSP C.N.C. Vertical Machining Center.  
        X : 40.0  Y : 21.0  Z : 21.0

  1          TRAK 20P Vertical Machining Center
        X : 14.0 Y : 12.0 Z : 17.0

  1Okuma Genos L200MY C.N.C. Turning Center

  1LeBlond Heavy Duty Engine Lathe.

  1Acer Vertical Milling Machine

  1Bridgeport Vertical Milling Machine.

  2           Chevalier SMART-H818 III Conversational CNC Surface & Profile Grinder (SMART-III Series)

  2Okamoto 12-24 DX Automatic Surface Grinder.

  2Parker-Majestic Precision Hand Feed Surface Grinders.

  4Harig Precision Hand Feed Surface Grinders.  

  1Agie Mondo 2 Vertical E.D.M. Machine.


DP Esprit Wire E.D.M. programming software with four axis independent contouring. knowledge-based machining module and 
engineering plug-ins for gears, cams and form tools. IGES and DXF compatible.

Virtual Gibbs Solid Modeling C.N.C. Vertical Milling software with full 3-Axis capability.  IGES, .X_T and DXF compatible.

SolidWorks Professional

All of our machinery is regularly maintained in order to insure quality, accuracy and reliability.
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